Main Light Industries, Inc.

1614 Newport Gap Pike, Wilmington, DE 19808

Main Light Industries, Inc.

If you are looking for a Stage lighting equipment supplier near you in Delaware you can give Main Light Industries, Inc. a call at (302) 998-8017 or send them a message.

Opening Hours: Tuesday, 9AM to 5PM; Wednesday, 9AM to 5PM; Thursday, 9AM to 5PM; Friday, 9AM to 5PM; Saturday, Closed; Sunday, Closed; Monday, 9AM to 5PM.

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The Process of Finding a Good Stage lighting equipment supplier

  1. Define Your Project
    Before contacting any Stage lighting equipment supplier, begin by defining the project in precise terms. For example drill further down into specifics that will help match the perfect contractor to this job.
  2. Schedule a Meeting
    At your meetings, the Stage lighting equipment supplier should be attentive and listen when you describe your goals. The meeting is a dialogue, with each side freely and equally trading ideas. The Stage lighting equipment supplier does not have to agree with everything you say; in fact, one value of hiring a contractor is that you are paying for their experience.
  3. Discuss Regulatory Matters
    A good contractor will be forthright about all regulatory matters associated with your project: building codes, permits, inspections, and zoning. These issues are a major part of any extensive build or remodel.
  4. Get a written and signed cost estimate
    While it is acceptable for a contractor to verbally give you non-binding cost estimates, any firm cost estimate should always be written and signed. The word contract is part of contractor. So if you have a contractor who wants to proceed without written agreements between the both of you, this is a major red flag.

What are your expectations for a perfect Stage lighting equipment supplier?

Most homeowners are looking for some unique combinations of qualities in a Stage lighting equipment supplier like the following:

  1. Be amazingly fast and efficient.
  2. Always be available when we need them and be able to start projects on short notice.
  3. Be punctual, reliable, and always stay on schedule.
  4. Provide great remodeling tips and design ideas to improve projects.
  5. Have outside-the-box solutions to problems.
  6. Work with very little oversight.
  7. Provide professional invoices and quotes, have proper licensing, and provide insurance coverage.
  8. Give the highest quality work.
  9. Have rock bottom prices.

While there are a lot of Stage lighting equipment suppliers who can cover many of the above qualities, they will probably have the highest prices because nobody can achieve all of these requirements. If you are looking for a Stage lighting equipment supplier with rock bottom prices, probably several of the other qualities will be lacking. So you should focus on finding the contractors with the right combination of qualities. Create a list of what is truly important to you, then select matching contractors for your specific project and requirements.

How to get the lowest price for the service you need? – Compare price for service.

How to find the Best Stage lighting equipment supplier in Delaware?

Once you have narrowed your search to a few selected Stage lighting equipment suppliers, how can you tell which one is best? This isn’t as simple as one may think. Many people make a hiring decision based on only two factors: the lowest bid and their gut feel of the contractor after one meeting. These are a start, but largely insufficient.

The price estimate is obviously important but tells you nothing about whether a contractor is reputable and honest. Because these two parameters are insufficient to truly determine which Stage lighting equipment suppliers are best, homeowners should take as many of vetting steps as possible.

During your first meeting with the contractor, make sure you are prepared with a list of questions and have each contractor thoroughly answer these to your satisfaction. Some example questions are below:

  • What do you estimate would be the duration of the project?
  • Will you obtain all permits and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements?
  • What are your guarantees and warranties on labor and materials?
  • Do you prefer to work with clients who already know what they want or are you open to providing ideas and advice?
  • Would you assist with the selection of materials ? Do you shop with your clients? Do you purchase on their behalf?
  • What work hours would your personnel be on-site? How often will the owner be on-site?
  • Will there be a foreman or project supervisor on-site at all other times?
  • How often would the contractor and homeowner meet in person or telephonically, to provide updates of project progress and issues as they arise?
  • How will changes in project scope work? Written change orders? Verbal approvals?
  • When can I expect a proposal? Will it include labor and materials? What won’t it include?



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